A Christmas thank you from those that matter

24th January 2019

Here’s what our Foodbank means to some of our clients

Many thanks to everybody that donated items over the festive period, and to our amazing volunteers for all your hard work. Last year our Foodbank provided many local people with a vital lifeline and particularly during Christmas.

Here’s what it means to a few of those clients…

“This year has been extremely tough for me. Losing my Nan was incredibly tough and I had saved all year for Christmas when the clutch on my car went and took all my savings. At this tough time Borehamwood Foodbank has been a Godsend. Thank you to all the volunteers that have helped me through this tough time.”

“I am a single mum on a low income, my daughter is 10 months old and my father who we live with is terminally ill. Thank you for making our Christmas a bit brighter this year. Thanks to your hard work it feels like a great Christmas.”

“I’m in a bad situation worrying about when I can get the next shop in. The food will keep me going for a while – thanks.”

“Being able to come here has been a Godsend as I have been struggling financiall due to benefit cuts. The people that work here are so kind and helpful… I really appreciate what everyone does to help me.”

“Without these people I don’t know what I would have done. I am so thankful – they do a fantastic job.”

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