Lobby your local MP to stop the cut to Universal Credit

8th September 2021

In early October, the UK Government plans to cut £20 a week from Universal Credit payments. This is a vital lifeline for millions of households who are already struggling to make ends meet and the biggest overnight cut to social security since the Second World War.

Research conducted by YouGov, on behalf of the Trussell Trust, finds that a fifth of people currently claiming Universal Credit  representing 1.2 million people in the UK  say they are ‘very likely’ to need to skip meals when the cut hits. Others will have to choose between food and heating their homes this Winter.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. The UK Government could choose to keep the lifeline. We’re looking for your support to #KeepTheLifeline, which could reverse the decision to make those cuts.  

The Trussell Trust, of which the Borehamwood Foodbank is part, is calling on people in the UK to email their MP. Let them know how strongly you feel that compassion and support are more essential than ever after the past 18 months.

Join us in emailing your MP today to tell our Government to #KeepTheLifeline –

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