Big Milestone for Borehamwood Foodbank !

10th November 2017

From 2013, when we opened our doors to clients, to the present day, Borehamwood Foodbank has helped to feed 10,000 adults and children – each of these people has been given food enough for three days (nine meals in total) each time they came to us with a voucher.  That this should be necessary and that many, just in our local area, are living in poverty is a disgrace and should surely be a cause for national shame. Perhaps then this hardly seems to be a milestone to celebrate ! Nevertheless, we do celebrate it as an opportunity to give grateful thanks to those many, many people who have enabled the Foodbank to exist and who keep it functioning successfully week after week.  So a very big thank you to the Catholic Parishes of Borehamwood for our premises, to Caritas for financial support, to the Trustees for being a safe set of hands, to our administrator who runs the office, to local authorities for various grants, to Tesco for continuing support, to our countless generous donors who keep our shelves well-stocked and, last but certainly by no means least, we very much thank our band of dedicated, loyal and hardworking volunteers without whom Borehamwood Foodbank  could not continue with this worthwhile work of helping our often vulnerable clients.  THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH !


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