Goodbye to Fr Dominic

9th October 2023

Fr Dominic passed away on 2nd October 2023 after a short illness.  We are deeply shocked and saddened by his death.  He was our founder, our host and our inspiration.

In 2012 he understood the need for a Foodbank in this community, and he did not rest until we were established. He was absolutely dedicated to the Foodbank, he spoke about it whenever he could and to whoever would listen. Along with his preachings within the Church, it was central to his life and work. He wanted our Foodbank to be one of his legacies, one that would last for as long as our community needed one and for that alone we are most grateful.

He has quite literally been our refuge and our strength. He supported us through thick and thin, especially during the pandemic, and was never happier than providing for the whole community, either by himself or through his congregation, with hot meals for family lunches. We are deeply indebted to him as is our community.

He treated everyone, regardless of how long he had known them, with equal generosity, kindness and compassion.  Borehamwood and the surrounding areas have been exceptionally fortunate to have had Fr Dominic serving our community, a man so passionate about improving the lives of many.

He will be sorely missed. May he Rest in Peace.

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